Case Studies

Practical Strategies for Today's Healthcare Challenges

Throughout his career, Dr. Rich Parker has been accountable not only for providing the highest quality of patient care but also for focusing on the cost of that care. During his time as medical director and then chief medical officer of the Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization (BIDCO), he was challenged to look at all patient populations served, assess the most appropriate therapeutic options and oversee the development and implementation of medical management protocols. Anticipating the economic impact of those clinical protocols was equally important.

In the post-reform era, that constant, dual focus of balancing clinical effectiveness with cost-effective choices is essential to improve our health care system. In the following case studies, a diverse array of real-world health and health care challenges are summarized. Dr. Parker is available to discuss these particular cases and how they may serve as beacon examples for your organization.

Case Studies
Case Study 1: Reducing Total Medical Expense (TME)
Case Study 2: Hospital & Physician Alignment
Case Study 3: Palliative & Hospice: Unnecessary Admissions & In-hospital Mortality Rates
Case Study 4: Over-utilization of Expensive Drugs
Case Study 5: Over-utilization of Imaging Services

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