About Parker Healthcare Innovations

Parker Healthcare Innovations (PHI), located in Newton, Massachusetts, was established in March 2015 to assist physicians, hospitals and integrated health systems, insurers and others with health reform implementation. In particular, PHI helps decision-makers transition from the long-standing fee-for-service economy to the new global payment capitated structure. From governance and leadership priorities to specific clinical programs, PHI consistently works to improve quality of care and patient outcomes while reducing costs.

Key Areas of Focus
Richard A. "Rich" Parker, MD, an internist and proven healthcare administrator and medical management leader for over 30 years, is experienced in leading change by helping organizations understand and take the required steps to:

  1. Establish appropriate governance & leadership structure
  2. Determine administrative and patient care priorities based on population health strategies
  3. Analyze and ensure appropriate information technology and reporting requirements
  4. Accomplish effective Total Medical Expense (TME) reductions
  5. Maximize contract-based key quality measures
  6. Optimize coding for multiple healthcare settings
  7. Aggressively manage pharmacy and imaging services
  8. Carefully design and coordinate care management and disease management for high-cost conditions

Over many years, Dr. Parker has been recognized locally and nationally for aligning goals and incentives for community and academic-based physicians and hospitals, developing effective physician leadership structures, and managing multi-payer global payment contracts. Recently, he helped lead the creation of the Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization (BIDCO) to become the most successful Pioneer ACO in the Boston area and the 3rd most successful Pioneer ACO nationally, based on financial performance. More information and examples are available in Case Studies and Capabilities.

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