"Dr. Parker was one of our most highly respected internists from 1988 through 2013.  And then, in his role as medical director and chief medical officer for the Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization, he helped lead the way to help make us the top-ranking Pioneer ACO in the Boston area.  He is a practical and effective leader and I would not hesitate to hire him." 
Kevin Tabb, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital
Boston, MA
"My medical staff members appreciated and respected Dr. Parker’s expertise in medical and utilization management and his understanding about how to work effectively with and among medical groups and hospitals.  They also appreciated his communication style and creative thinking.”
Peter Healy
President & Chief Executive Officer
Milton Hospital
Milton, MA
"Rich Parker has been a pleasure to work with in identifying opportunities to drive high-value diabetes care.  He understands both the opportunities and challenges of moving from our sun-setting fee-for-service world to a more value-driven approach, for which we all need preparation. He brings a wealth of experience and wonderful style of engagement to a challenging transition.” 
Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer & Senior Vice President
Joslin Diabetes Clinic
Boston, MA

"Dr. Parker has had a longstanding relationship within our system and, in particular, the various physician groups within it. Rich has consistently demonstrated an ability to navigate toward partnership and collaboration despite the often diverse objectives that hospitals, medical staffs and other providers have in today's market of population health management and risk-based arrangements." 
John Fogarty
President & Chief Executive Officer
Beth Israel Deaconess Needham Hospital
Needham, MA
"Dr. Parker has a deep understanding of the needs of doctors and hospitals as we make the difficult transition from fee-for-service to global payment.  He has been incredibly helpful to our team as we dealt with issues around information technology, emergency department algorithms, care management and disease management, and local leadership.  He knows how to get things done and is truly a pleasure to work with." 
Dianne Anderson
President & Chief Executive Officer
Lawrence General Hospital
Lawrence, MA
"In his capacity as medical director and chief medical officer, Dr. Parker has collaborated with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts for the past 15 years.  He has helped lead the charge to make the necessary changes from a fee-for-service world to a global payment system in our pioneering Alternative Quality Contract.  He is always focused on improving quality for the patient, and has been one of the leading advocates for positive change in our market.  He is a very effective leader." 
Andrew Dreyfus
President & Chief Executive Officer
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Boston, MA
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