Standard of Care & Legal-related
As a long-time member and chairman of several clinical committees and steering groups, Dr. Parker is a veteran leader who strives to achieve and lead others to achieve the highest professional standard of care in all areas of professional practice. For many years, he has participated in clinical protocol development to enable the best possible outcome for the patient and use of the delivery system's resources.

Understanding the role and responsibilities of primary care to be holistic and about an individual's total health status, he has led the development of a number of initiatives that emphasize appropriateness of care in multi-specialty groups and network development. In addition, he has helped establish and implement relationships with payer innovators that are truly focused on and committed to patient-centered care. Finally, he has vast experience in building care management programs to meet quality of care guidelines and metrics which, in the post-reform era, are more important than ever.

His knowledge and experience regarding medical practice protocol, quality of care guidelines and performance metrics also has been applied in the legal system as an expert witness. His passion to see that care is provided in the right setting, at the right time, to the right patients is a critical element of case review for both claimants and defendants.

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