Healthcare Management & Post-reform Implementation

PHI's mission is to assist physicians, hospitals and integrated health systems, insurers and others with health reform implementation. Several dominant guiding themes drive the work in this area:

  1. To help healthcare decision-makers transition from the long-standing fee-for-service economy to the new global payment capitated structure;
  2. To work with executive managers on clinical leadership initiatives to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes while reducing costs;
  3. To address any governance issues that may affect the successful implementation of such programs and initiatives; and
  4. To help organizations prioritize operating plan objectives and address the challenges/issues that may impede the successful execution of them.

To appreciate Dr. Parker’s views and experiences with each of the five elements he’s found to be important in building and operating a successful ACO, click on each element. To print a copy of this ACO graphic roadmap, click on the PDF provided below.

Key Elements of a Successful ACO
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