Parker Healthcare Innovations (PHI) helps diverse healthcare companies deal with post-reform strategies, tactics and program development to maximize clinical and financial/economic performance. From core business needs such as crafting care management programs to meet current clinical and quality guidelines, to evaluating particular technologies (drugs, devices and other therapeutics) for particular patient needs, to establishing appropriate physician networks and other partners, PHI is focused on improving health outcomes at the lowest possible cost while reducing waste and over-utilization.

Dr. Parker's knowledge and expertise fits generally within the following categories:

  1. Healthcare Management & Post-reform Implementation
  2. Physician Group Management
  3. Standard of Care & Legal-related
  4. Life-style & Wellness (significant focus on Stress Management)

His considerable experience with diverse stakeholders includes:

  1. Physicians & Physician Groups
  2. Hospitals & Integrated Health Systems
  3. Health Information Technologies (HIT)
  4. Public and Private Payers
  5. Specialty Care Companies
  6. Manufacturers, Suppliers and Other Vendors

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